Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cute Little Hedgehog Named Hendley!

Hello all! I just wanted to share my latest project. A friend of mine asked if I could crochet a hedgehog for her and said sure! If I can find a pattern, I can make it. Well, I consider myself a beginner/intermediate crocheter. I tend to stay in my comfort zone but I am wanting to change that. I looked online for cute patterns and found the cutest little pattern. Hedley the Hedgehog is a paid for pattern and I absolutely love it. I will make more and play with different yarns. The designer is Janine Holmes from Moji-Moji Design and she did a great job. She's very talented and has a wide variety of patterns to try out for yourself. I followed the bod portion of the pattern exactly but did have to alter the prickle part just a bit and I used different yarn and hook size. I also learned a new stitch.
I used Red Heart Super Saver in the colorway Buff Flec (2.85 oz.) for the body. I thought it added a little more interest with the small flecs of color throughout. For the prickles I used 2- 4oz. skeins of Lion Brand Hometown USA in the colorway Little Rock Granite. All was done with a H - 5mm hook.
As you can see the parts are small and worked up so fast. Learning to get into the rhythm of making the loop stitch took a little time but found my groove at about the second round. 
Here's a side view of my loop stitch portion. I did have to alter the number of rows and where I started the decreases in order for it to fit better around the head and body. I didn't write it down and I'm sorry about that. I was "in the zone" and forgot to jot down the specifics. It wasn't difficult so all you need to do is work up the rounds and keep checking it on the body to see if it's large enough and then begin your decrease rounds. I think he came out pretty darn cute. Let me know what you think and leave me a comment. I also show him on my youtube channel so you can click here to check it out. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for visiting.
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